Satya Services

Giving a new perspective to services – People don’t just service air conditioners, we energize and rejuvenate indoors. Our passion and professionalism extends beyond annual maintenance contracts.we provide personalized solutions for any brand or type of air conditioning system and refrigerator system. Where others provide temporary fixes, we do in-depth analysis and provide holistic solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Certified Professionals – Each and every technician are certified professionals with good background and experienced.
  • Affordable Prices – Yes you heard it right as a professional service provider Satya offers affordable price in exchange for professional services
  • 100 % Satisfaction guaranteed – Most of our customers are aware of the fact that Satya stands for affordability and professionalism any kind of repair can be done without any trouble
  • On Time Arrival! – Every product can be repaired on time without any delay our company possess an admiral quality that many companies lack these days. Keeping the Promise
  • 24/7 Support – Yes our highly motivated and hardworking customer support are available almost all the time and are very polite in answering your questions.
  • Door Step Services – Having problems taking your refrigerator to longer distance don’t worry about this problem and just call our technicians and they will come to your house in no time and complete their service as soon as possible.
  • Team Work – Team Work plays a vital role in achieving a goal Our professionals share a great bond and does every job perfectly.
  • Any Brand Fridge Repairs – Almost all sorts of refrigerators of any brand are repaired in given time!!!
  • Any Brand Air Conditioners – Any Air-conditioners can be repaired by our expert technicians
  • Installation and Maintenance – Our Team not only Repairs but also installs your ac and gives Maintenance guidance in order to avoid problems.

Our Team

Our Company encouragements team work because teamwork promotes an atmosphere that establishes friendship and loyalty among the teammates and motivates them to come together and work harder and cooperate and support one. While also helping the customers to understand the problems and how we solve them while also assuring that they have chosen a right company so can they sit back and relax and let our professional workers do their job!!

Customer Preference

Service in Time

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