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Satya Services is undeniably the most reliable appliance services provider, Offering Fridge repair in Vijayawada and also Ac repair services in Vijayawada. Our expert team of professionals are strong and works together to solve each and every problem and they face every challenge and work very hard to solve all your problems. Unlike any other centers providing Ac Fridge Repair Services in Vijayawadaour employees are fully trained and we’ve earned a reputation for doing the job right the first time.




Brands We Work With

Satya has been providing repair maintenance installation services ever since the beginning of the company. We proved over-self that our growth depended entirely on the excellencent services and also the satisfaction of our important customers. We provide professional services at a minimum price. With our experience and dedication in this industry. We have became one of the leading service providers of Ac Fridge Repair Services in Vijayawada. Our Certified Engineers are ready to tackle all sorts of problems. So save our phone number in your contact list and call us and our polite and knowledgeable customer support will answer all your questions in no time!!

Here are the brands with which we work:

  • All Brands AC Services
  • All Refrigerators Repair & Services